Pearl Harbor Poems

Pearl Harbor was called The Day Of Infamy

Early in 1941 rumors said that Roosevelt knew about the attack

At 2:31 p.m. Pearl Harbor w as attacked

Roosevelt gave a speech on December 8,1941.

Late in the afternoon Pearl Harbor got attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Hero of the day was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Attack on Pearl Harbor brought U.S.A into World War II.

Roosevelt knew that he had to plan a memorial for the people who had died.

Battleships names are Destroyer, Cruiser, Aircraft, and Midgit Submarines.

On December 7,1941 Pearl Harbor got attacked.

Roosevelt didn’t know about the attack even though rumours had been started that he knew about the attack but, didn’t think he would be the one to get attacked.

Henry Hudson

There was a explorer named Henry Hudson.He sailed for the Netherlands.On his last voyage his crew wanted to go home but,they couldn’t.His crew got angry so they put Henry Hudson,his son, and seven members of his crew was put in a boat with no oars and was sent in the ocean never to be seen again.What I think happened to them is that they died of old age and the boat got old,fell apart and sunk.That is what I think happened to Henry Hudson.