Henry Hudson

There was a explorer named Henry Hudson.He sailed for the Netherlands.On his last voyage his crew wanted to go home but,they couldn’t.His crew got angry so they put Henry Hudson,his son, and seven members of his crew was put in a boat with no oars and was sent in the ocean never to be seen again.What I think happened to them is that they died of old age and the boat got old,fell apart and sunk.That is what I think happened to Henry Hudson.




Should Everyone Get A Trophy??

Should Everyone Get A Trophy?I say no because it would be crowded with trophies.Everywhere you go you will see a trophy and you would probably trip on one.Yes, it would be nice to get a trophy for everything you do but,you would be getting a trophy for doing easy stuff.That’s why I say not everyone should get a trophy.

4 grade reflections

2 things I learned was multipluction and division.2 things I struggled with was science and soical studies.2 things that surprised me that I was good at multiplucation and division.2 things that disappionted me was that I wasn’t good at fractions and subtraction.