My New Years Writing

In 2013 I did lots of stuff like the time I went to Oklahoma.It was fun, me and my family went to Oklahoma to see my family for Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving for my moms side of the family and my dads side of the family. My moms side of the family is mainly all adults besides my cousin Brian, he is smaller than all of us, me and all my family. My dads side of the family is mainly kids besides his brothers and my aunts and uncles. The other thing is my family and I went to Hurricane Harbor with my friends family. We went on all the rides but, we mainly went on the Lazy River. Though they all where very fun to ride. Then we went to eat, we ate at It’s, that is a place were you get to eat and play video games you get a card and you get to play anything you want. We played a lot of fun games but, then we saw Laser Tag we played it 5 times. We won 3 times. It was the best. Then the next favorite thing I did was go shopping with my Aunt Sherry we got to go to the Mall and go to Wall-mart she bought make-up and I bought books. The next thing we did was go to eat we ate at Chick-fill-a. Then, we went home and fell asleep.

Now, here are somethings  I want to accomplish in 2014 like new goals I have for this year is I want to read a lot more.Another thing is I want to ride my bike more.Here is something I want to stop doing is biting my nails.1 thing I want to learn is how to drive a car.Last but, not least is 4 new books I want to read are Catching Fire, Mocking Jay,Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.There’s all the favorite things I did in 2013 and all the new stuff I want to do in 2014.

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