The popping of fireworks

         We stuck a match, lit it and touched the string.All you could hear was sssssss. All of a sudden “pow” the firework flew into the air and “poff”  lots of colorful lights went everywhere.This is the time I celebrated the 4th of July withe my aunt.                                                                                                                             Me, my aunt and my cousins went to Best Buy Fireworks. We went inside and there was more than 300 fireworks there!Most of them were bigger than I am.                                                                                                                                    After we got finished picking out fireworks, we went to my aunts friends house to shot them. “We got red ones, blue one, green ones, yellow ones,and orange ones.” We shot some of them and they exploded with different colors of light.The sky was full of red, blue, purple, green, yellow,and orange colors.We had a fish one were when it exploded it looked like the fish was moving.Using fireworks for something special makes everyone fell good. But, that was the time I celebrated the 4th of July with my aunt.

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